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Why are my pores large? What should I do if my pores are thick and large?

Updated: Feb 8, 2019

Our pores are not controllable, so we need to determine the cause of their pores. What can cause the pores to be large, and how should we prevent it?

1, The cleaning is not thorough, the pores are not clean

The basal layer of the epidermis of the skin continuously produces cells and transports them to the epidermal layer. After the cells are aged, if the skin is not cleaned, the metabolism is slow and cannot fall off as expected, resulting in enlarged pores. The reason why the pores are stretched is related to the fact that the skin is not cleaned and the dirt remains for a long time. This is also related to the fact that the makeup removal procedure is not carefully and thoroughly cleaned. To improve the problem of large pores, it is important to completely remove the makeup on the face every day.

2, Dead cells accumulation

The more dead cells accumulation, the more the skin will become thicker and rougher. The pores will become thicker, and the skin will not be able to absorb moisture and maintenance ingredients smoothly, hence becoming dull and dry, accelerate the stimulation of oil secretion, and make the pores become big. 3, The skin is too oily

This is the case for the kind of skin when oil secretion is very strong, and the pores have been unable to withstand the daily overload of the oil, so the pores will continue to grow. If the oil clogs the pores and is not cleaned up in time, a closed acne will form. If it is accumulated over a long period of time, the pores will be overloaded. It will also cause the acne to become black heads after oxidation. The collagen around the hair follicles is arranged very tightly and evenly. The queue of collagen, which has been deformed for a long time by a grease stuck in the pores, is difficult to recover. 4, Excessive oil removal

Some people have oil on their skin, so they will try their best to remove the oil. For example, using some degreasing paper or excessive exfoliation will lead to the pores of the skin becoming thicker and bigger. Because after using it, we do not converge the skin in time, thus causing the pores to be enlarged.

5, High fat ingredients in skin care products

When the skin care product with high oil and high molecular weight is used, or the skin itself has a poor absorption function, and the amount of use is large, it will cause clogged pores. Once the skin is clogged, the pores are easily enlarged.

6, Dry and lack moisture

Once our stratum corneum has absorbed enough water, it will swell like a sponge. The cells around the pores of the skin are filled with water and will also pick up, and the pores of the skin will naturally become inconspicuous. On the other hand, if the surface of the skin is dehydrated, the stratum corneum will be dry and rough, and the pores of the skin will become more obvious. It will let our skin looks rough, skin pores are thick, and the skin is still dark and dull without sheen. Any facial treatment from UCARA will help you with these skin problems.

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