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Causes of acne on various parts of the face

Updated: Feb 8, 2019

1. Forehead acne: Cause: High stress, circulation in the heart is over active, temper is bad, often angry, causing problems in heart and blood circulation. Improvement: Sleep early and get up early, drink plenty of water. 2. Temple acne: Cause: It indicates that your diet contains too much processed food, causing obstruction of the gall bladder, you need to quickly clean up the toxic in the body; in the meridian is a collection and relieving point. When the digestive system is bad, it will grow acne . Improvement: Adjust your eating habits. 3. Acne between the eyebrows: Cause: Chest tightness, irregular heart rhythm, palpitations. Improvement: Do not do over active exercise, avoid smoking, alcohol, and spicy food.

4. Acne between the eyes and the nose:

Cause: Means that the liver is not functioning well.

Improvement: It is best to live and work normally, do not stay up late, drink, or smoke.

5. Nasal head acne:

Cause: The circulation in the stomach is over active and the digestive system is abnormal. Improvement: Eat less cold food.

6. Nasal acne:

Cause: Related to ovarian or reproductive system dysfunctioning;

Improvement: Breathe fresh air outdoors.

7. Left cheek acne:

Reason: There is heatiness, easy to feel tired and fatigue, dry mouth, liver function is not smooth.

Improvement: Have routine work life and sufficient rest, maintain a good mood, stay in cool environment, do not let the body constantly stay in a warm environment.

8. Right cheek acne: Cause: Lung dysfunctioning; easy to catch a cold, allergies. Improvement: Pay attention to the maintenance of the respiratory tract, try to avoid allergic foods such as mango, taro, and seafood. 9. Peripheral acne around the lips: Cause: Constipation causes accumulation of toxins in the body, or the use of excessive fluoride toothpaste. Improvement: Eat more vegetables and fruits that are high in fibre. 10. Chin acne: Cause: Endocrine disorders. Improvement: Eat less cold food. 11. Acne under the cheekbones:

Cause: The digestive system is not good and nutrition is not easy to absorb. Improvement: Eat more high-fiber vegetables and fruits.

12. Acne under the cheeks to the ears:

Cause: The body is weak and cold, abnormal reproductive endocrine system,

1) Endocrine disorders: The endocrine-induced acne break out at the lower jaw (including the neck).

2) Digestive system is showing bad signs: The acne showing digestive problems usually break out at the sides of the mouth and chin. Physical symptoms like constipation may occur, habitual diarrhoea, gastric, ulcers, etc.

Improvement: Eat less food that is cold in temperature and nature.

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