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Pristine Treatment

De-pigmentation Treatment

Suitable: Scarred, Sagging, Acne, Freckled and Pigmentation Skin
Duration: 120 Mins
Effectiveness: Light therapy healing used to customize treatment based on individual's skin
condition, and progressively help to improve skin's texture

O2 Cocktail Treatment

Suitable: Oily, Open Pores, Pigmentation, Dull, Uneven Tone, Sagged and Wrinkles Skin
Duration: 120 Mins
Effectiveness: Oxygen is used along with a customized ampoule and pumped into the skin through
an exclusive molecular machine. This treatment helps revitalize the skin, revealing a suppler and firmer surface. Also an effective and relaxing skin treatment process.
Benefits: Cellular oxygenation of skin and promotes anti-aging. Vast improvement of skin
texture, soothing effect on acne, visible

Advanced Lifting

Suitable: Sagging, mature, wrinkled skin
Duration: 120 Mins
Active Ingredients: Amino Acid, Allantoin, Sweet Almond, Arnica, Liposomes
Effectiveness: Stimulates skin cells, increases circulation and enhances elasticity and firmness and reducing fine lines of skin

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