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Current Job Openings

If you have a passion in helping people live beautiful lives, along with expertise in the field of facial and massage, we would like to invite you on board to our team at Ucara!

Call +65 6744 3188 or email your resume to

Senior Therapist

Job Description:

1. Have certain years of work experience and received relevant professional training;

2. Able to recommend appropriate skincare and products to solve customer's actual skin problems;

3. Display professional work etiquette, physical appearance, and good character;

4. Have good communication skills, able to provide quality service and patiently answer questions to customers;

5. Proficient in the workflow and operation process of cosmetic dermatology;

6. Proficient in general beauty  knowledge, basic cosmetics and physiological knowledge;

7. Complete other work arranged by the beauty supervisor; conscientious in daily work according to standards;

8. Pay attention to personal grooming and hygiene;


1. Have a secondary education or above and relevant qualifications;

2. Able to speak Mandarin and simple conversational English;

3. Pleasant disposition and willing to learn;

4. Flair in customer service.

5. Positive attitude and able to work under pressure;

Senior Marketing Executive

Job Description:
1. Track, process and analyze industry trends according to competitor product prices, promotions and advertising strategies, marketing models and industry information collection;
2. Conduct market research, grasp the psychology and behavior of consumers, and provide decision-making basis for the company's marketing activities;
3. Formulate marketing strategies for different stages of the company, provide and write content and social media marketing, evaluate and analyze after the implementations of the strategies;
4. Integrate the company's corporate culture, implement brand positioning, and establish a corporate brand image and visibility;
5. Design and produce promotional materials for various marketing activities, unify the brand image;
6. Manage customer information, conduct member activities, and provide after-sales service
7. Responsible for training new sales and store salesperson marketing knowledge and customer service work
8. Do a good job in knowledge management, marketing publicity materials and custody of various activities materials