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Kept hearing this term "maskne" (mask + acne) recently. How can you prevent 'maskne'?

What is "maskne"?

Any blockage, acne and skin inflammation that come about from contact with your mask are called maskne.

How to prevent blockage and acne on the face caused by wearing a mask?

1. Wear a mask made of 100% cotton or antibacterial fabric and keep it clean.

2. Wash your face day and night!

Choose a cleanser suitable for your skin that can thoroughly cleanse your skin pores (UCARA Radiance Cleansing Gel is recommended)

3. Apply a purifying and anti-allergy mask suitable for your skin two to three times every week. (UCARA Oxy Calm Mask is recommended)

4.Reduce makeup, avoid increasing burden to your skin, or else it will result in increased blocking acne.

5. Apply sunscreen

It is necessary to apply it even indoors to avoid damage from sun's UV rays shining in from your glass windows or blue light from your computer. (UCARA Sun Protector SPF40++ is recommended)

6. De-stress

Maintain good lifestyle habits such as dietary balance, regular sleeping patterns, and pay more attention to your mental health and the food you eat. Avoid food that are sweet and fried, and potential binge eating. Try to eat more fruits and vegetables to strengthen your immune system.

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