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Why Men Should Start Getting Facials

Facials used to be a spa experience for ladies. But these days, it's considered maintenance for both ladies & men. Think of them like haircuts: you’d visit a barber or a professional hairstylist to have your hair cut, so why don’t you do the same for your face?

Men’s skin is thicker than women’s and often have larger pores. This can lead to dirt accumulating clogged pores, blackheads and skin breakouts. The constant shaving also takes a big toll on the skin leading to bumps and irritations and rougher skin. Testosterone is also responsible for an increased oil production though sometimes the surface of the skin is drier due to its thickness and reduced levels of moisture.

No matter how much you wash your face with the same cleanser you used since your teens or how often you slather on moisturiser, your skin can go through a whirlwind at the drop of a hat. When it does, you may not always know how to tackle it. That’s where facials come in. Estheticians are trained professionals who carry out facials based on your skin’s condition and make it look better. Even just a basic facial will clean out the greasy pores and exfoliate dead and dull skin cells on the surface of your face. A thorough facial will include cleansing, exfoliation, massage, extractions and plenty of masks and hydration. It may sound similar to your daily regime but your at-home routine is like washing your car whereas a facial is like going to a car wash for deep cleaning.

The powerful combination of exfoliation and hydration for your face is like changing the oil in your car: once you make the time for it, you’ll be glad you did. The Esthetician will look at your skin and see things you won’t catch from just looking in the mirror, like if you’re using the right products for your skin or if they’re as effective as they should be. It’s similar to having a mechanic look under the hood of your car. At the end of your session, you’ll look refreshed, hydrated and you’ll also get a better shave.

So, should men start getting facials? Yes!

It is an opportunity for you to have some downtime and relax while an Esthetician works on your skin. Most facials involve a facial massage using pressure points which acts to stimulate blood flow and uses pressure points to put you into a state of relaxation which lowers cortisol and aids in stress relief. When we have poor blood circulation, it slows our skin’s health which results in a dull and tired looking complexion.

With UCARA’s latest technology, you can expect a deeper cleanse and intense hydration. It strengthens your skin’s moisture barrier, leaving you with healthier skin. The Bio Clear Treatment uses ultrasound technology to gently remove blackheads by sending small waves of vibrations to tackle trapped sebum and unclog your pores. As part of UCARA’s botanical healing experience, it ensures that the products used are also beneficial for your skin condition. A customised ampoule will be applied to your face after the extraction to soothe the skin and promote healing.

To look its best and stay healthy, you need to take good care of your skin. Regular facials will boost cell regeneration and promote collagen development to help you fight against ageing, boost your blood circulation and gives your skin a healthy glow that continues for weeks after.

Book your Bio Clear appointment with us today!

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