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How to deal with oily skin problems?

The amount of sebaceous glands secreted from oily skin varies with age, gender, and climate.

Here are some basic maintenance tips recommended: keep your skin clean and fresh every day, and control the excessive secretion of oil. Pay attention to hydrating and deep cleansing of the skin to regulate the balance of the skin. Also, take note on daily hygiene and a healthy and balanced diet.

Skin care products: it is recommended to use skin care products with less oil, refreshing, sebum secretion and astringent effects.

Choose UCARA Radiance Cleansing Gel for oily skin to help keep pores clear and clean. Serum is available in three unique types of UCARA Triple Vitamin C, which is anti-allergic, shrinks pores, softens melanin and heals wounds, and prevents the growing of moles and oil cluster.

If you happen to have oily skin, pay more attention to moisturizing your skin moderately. Cell Repair, which contains horseshoe grass and allantoin, is specially formulated for the often dry skin, with moisturizing, repairing and conditioning effects. It leaves the skin healthy & supple, suitable for morning and evening use.

It is also recommended to use Oxy Calm mask to help purify and balance the oil. On the skin with long acne spots, it is recommended to use Clarifying Lotion to help with fighting against bacterial.

Those who does make-ups should pay attention to regular cleaning or replacement of cosmetic equipment.

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