Say hello to radiant skin & goodbye to blackheads!

Updated: Jul 21

A transforming experience, getting a facial is an absolutely enjoyable skin treatment. You will feel relaxed, pampered and your skin will feel simply amazing after your facial.

With the constant mask-wearing, your skin is unable to breathe freely and more prone to dirt and bacteria build up which will lead to congested skin. What we commonly see are blackheads. Blackheads are the result of sebum and dead skin cells trapped in skin follicles that are exposed to air. This creates tiny black bumps on your skin that are difficult to remove.

Some common treatment for blackheads include:

  • Products with intended fruit acids that exfoliates into the deeper layer of your skin

  • Manual removal with round loop extractor, a dated method of extracting pore clogs that cause blackheads

  • Using ultras