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Experience UCARA

Our name is rooted in the Spanish word 'cara', your 'face', is a skin care brand that focuses on your skin's health and balance. Here, beauty is found in harmony, just like in nature, with its seasons for all things. To unfurl, flower, reach fruition. To return, then nourish the earth. Self-sustaining growth, perfection moving at its own pace.

Our Brand Story


Incorporated in 1987, we were previously known as “Pretty Care”, where we specialized mainly in facial services using the finest herbal and floral ingredients. Over the years, the company has shifted into a new brand identity along with a new contemporary lifestyle concept.

From the mortar and pestle comes an ancient wisdom of blends and treatments to meticulously care for your skin. Inspired by nature, Ucara cultivates lasting beauty that blossoms with time. Treatments are unhurried as hurrying hurt the skin. Results do not come instantly, because those just instantly fade. Techniques are non-invasive, just as we are never forceful in our recommendations.

Botanical blends are formulated to act gently and effectively in due course. Wherever you are on the path to beauty, let us continue the journey together. 

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Services We Offer

Want to learn more about our products and the services we offer? Get in touch with our consultant today.


Care Treatment

Tailored for skin problems caused by stress or irregular work habits, resulting in skin fatigue, dullness, loss of luster and vitality. This array also helps in the prevention of aging, reducing wrinkles and pigmentation.


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Catherine Tan (Jurong West)

It has been almost 15 years since my first beautician Candice, who always provides good service that impresses me. Subsequently, she recommended Sophia and Selina to me and I was very satisfied with their facial knowledge and service. Ucara has indeed taken care of their staff to provide constant good service and knowledge of facial products to their customers.



Award Winner 2018

by Enterprise Singapore

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